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Rural Teachers Trained to Pass Along Math and Science Knowledge to Peers


"Advocates for rural education today are seeking to cultivate and sustain their schools' workforce by following a strategy they believe is tailored to the needs of small, often insular communities. With federal aid, several university and school leaders have focused on training math and science teachers in new classroom techniques and content, then having them return to their rural districts to provide support to their colleagues.

...That teacher-to-teacher connection, supporters of such programs say, provides educators working in rural, often impoverished districts with steady, on-site help in the subjects that vex many of them the most."

This article features the Appalachian MSP in their work to develop teacher-leaders. Their workshops have been led by K-12 and university educators and have focused primarily on "formative assessment" and "differentiated instruction." Sessions from these workshops with math and science teachers are shared and discussed.