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Professor Jeffrey Osborn Awarded National Teaching Award


Jeffrey L. Osborn, University of Kentucky,
Professor of Biological Sciences and Science
Outreach Professor of the Appalachian Math
Science Partnership (AMSP), was awarded the
2007 Arthur C. Guyton Teacher of the Year

In addition to his research on the neural control of renal sodium and water balance and the role of renal sympathetic control mechanisms in genetic models of hypertension, Dr. Osborn is Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of nearly $2 million to evaluate the science skills of more than 10,000 seventh and eighth grade Appalachian students.

The Guyton Award is given to an American Physiological Society member who is a full-time faculty member of an accredited college or university and involved in classroom teaching and not exclusively the teaching of graduate students in a research laboratory. Jeff Osborn receives $1,000 and expenses to attend the Experimental Biology meeting.
Excerpted from The American Physiological Society Teaching of Physiology Section Newsletter, Spring 2007