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Appalachian MSP Research and Evaluation Strand: Request for Proposals


The Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership (AMSP) engages in several initiatives designed to improve mathematics and science education in the Central Appalachian region. The partnership utilizes the expertise of personnel from 9 institutions of higher education and 51 school districts in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia (for more information on the project see the AMSP website Research and evaluation are important elements of the AMSP project. This request for proposals (RFP) invites independent researchers to apply for support in addressing questions that are central to the AMSP Research Agenda. Through this initiative AMSP aims to:
  • Support high-quality independent research projects that address topics central to the AMSP Research Agenda
  • Create training opportunities for emerging mathematics and science education researchers
  • Promote collaborative research activities among AMSP partners
  • Support involvement in AMSP research within and beyond the academic community of partners